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hey hey hey
this is my first time posting here..i live in nevada and i have a lil story to share w/ you all...my friend brad came in after lunch and was all guess who i just talked to for liek 10 mins alll alone..and we were like oh just shut up...then he says hilary..and he was serious He works for his dad in this airport shop. it's a private airport..and hillary took a private jet/plane to Nevada to perform here a few days ago..and the day after her concert she was about to leave and he saw her..w/ her rich kick ass pink boots and long blonde hair..sweat pants..and she shook his hand and said "hi i'm hilary" and they talked about the grammys and the concert and work and stuff...Brad was about to ask for her autograph..untill she said wow it's so nice talking to someone who just doesn't want a picture from me or an autograph..needless to say he didn't ask..heh anyway i'm alicia...hope i'm welcome here
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